Specsavers in Caerphilly is launching a new clinic, offering eligible patients a low vision assessment.

Low Vision Assessment

The clinic will take place every third Wednesday, starting on 26th April 2017, in which customers of the store can have a free of charge assessment, which lasts for approximately one hour. Staff at Specsavers in Caerphilly will advise its customers if they are eligible for the assessment.

The low vision assessment clinic is run by Specsavers’ optometrist, Robyn Pampellonne.

According to the RNIB, approximately two million people in the UK suffer from significant sight-loss and, although it’s more prevalent with older people, it can affect those of all ages. Signs of low vision include colours appearing washed out, difficulty reading and watching television and straight lines looking wobbly.

In-store support

‘Low vision is an issue that affects a significant number of people but many may believe that it’s just a part of getting older,’ said Geraint Jones, director of Specsavers in Caerphilly.

‘It’s our job to help people understand this isn’t the case, as you can be affected at by the condition at any age, and we can support them through our newly-launched clinic, dedicated to assessing and giving advice to our customers.

‘Robyn is an experienced low vision optometrist and with her skills we can ensure that our customers are given as much support as necessary with their eye health concerns under one roof.

‘We’re encouraging anyone who believes they are experiencing symptoms of low vision to contact us.’

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