The recent summer months have given the perfect opportunity to get involved in sports. With Wimbledon in full swing, the World Athletic Championships this month and the glorious sunshine beaming down, it’s hard not to want to get involved.  

Store director of Bury St Edmunds, Marc Mitchell, gives his advice on how to have fun while keeping your eye on the ball this summer. 

1.    Raquet sport

‘This one seems obvious but it’s important to know how much protection you need for certain sports. Sports such as racquetball, tennis and badminton may seem relatively harmless, but they involve objects moving at 60 miles per hour or faster.

'During a typical game, a racquetball can travel between 60 and 200 miles per hour, so make sure to have suitable eye protection.’

2.    Contact sport

‘Compared with glasses, contact lenses offer a number of advantages to your vision. They provide a wide and unblocked view because no frames block or distort what you see.

'This means you can view more of your surroundings and react faster to objects coming towards you and to other players around you.’

3.    What to look out for  

'Prescription glasses, sunglasses and even industrial safety glasses don’t always provide high quality protection for sports use. Sports goggles are your safest bet, with many designed for racquet sports and also available for basketball and soccer. Some are even designed to fit in helmets and used for football, hockey and baseball.

'Lenses in sports eyewear usually are made of polycarbonate. This material is such an impact-resistant lens material that it works well to protect eyes from fast-moving objects, as well as having ultraviolet protection — a valuable feature for outdoor sports.’

Trying a new sport this summer? Come in store and talk to the team about how best to keep your eyes protected and what they can do to help you get the ball rolling.

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