Bury boxing champ Scott Quigg made a surprise visit when he came in to have his eyes tested. The team were thrilled to welcome Scott, who has held the WBA super-bantamweight from 2013 to 2016.

Scott happily posed for a picture ahead of his eye test, and was keen to hear how important it is to maintain great eye health as a professional sportsman.

The Bury boxer is back in the ring training, after spending over nine months out of action with a broken jaw. Thankfully Scott is back to full health, packing a fierce punch!

Wearing glasses and contact lenses during exercise

It’s extremely important to understand how to correctly wear glasses and contact lenses when exercising, and guidance from the team at Specsavers in Bury is always available. 

Damaging normal prescription glasses whilst playing contact sports can be both inconvenient, as well as possibly causing a serious injury.

Durable specs for sporting activities

Wearing glasses, it doesn't mean you can't participate in your favourite sports or visit the gym. However, normal prescription glasses are made for daily wear, better suited to low activity levels.

Staff in Bury can help by suggesting more durable glasses and the correct frames for sporting activities, reducing the chances that your glasses will break whilst exercising.

Contact lenses are also a convenient alternative for correcting your vision whilst exercising. However, anyone taking part in water-based sports such as surfing or kayaking may need additional protection over their lenses to prevent any eye injuries.

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