The Burnley team has donated high-visibility vests to two local primary school to help children stay safe when crossing roads.

The team at the Charter Walk Shopping Centre Specsavers visited Stoneyholme Primary School and Rawdhatul-Aloom Primary School to talk to children about the importance of eye health at a young age, as well as handing out high-vis vests, ideal for staying seen in the dark winter nights.

Schoolchildren also received a goody-bag of magazines, colouring books and frisbees.

Educational visit

David Cleasby, store director of Burnley Specsavers, said: ‘Children should have their eyes tested at least every two years from the age of three in order to maintain optimum health. The earlier that any vision problems are detected - the better the outcome.

‘Undetected problems with vision can damage a child’s confidence and performance. Subtle signs such as poor handwriting, low-attention span or falling behind peers at school can indicate visual difficulties, so it’s important children undergo regular eye examinations.’

David added: ‘At this time of year, especially with early winter dark nights, being seen is so important and we are determined to ensure local children are ‘seen and safe’.

‘The Specsavers high-vis vests are very popular every year and we’re thrilled to donate them to local kids.

How to stay safe

'When children are walking to or from school in the dark, it can be difficult for motorists to see them. Dusk is a particularly hazardous time of day so we’re determined to do what we can to help.

‘We hope these bright, easily seen vests will help spread the message of the importance of protecting kids, families and everyone else on roads this winter.’

Most infants and pre-school children receive regular vision screening as part of their routine developmental checks. These early tests are invaluable, but are not as comprehensive as a full eye examination by a qualified optometrist.

Eye tests for children under 16 and in full time education are free on the NHS.

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