Dark mornings and evenings make local roads more hazardous than usual – so you might need to take extra care when driving this winter.

Fortunately the experts from Specsavers Burgess Hill, in Church Road, have four great safety tips for you to make sure your eyes are up to the challenge.

Don’t be a (crash test) dummy

Have you had an eye test in the last two years – unless you have been told to have one more often?

If not, you really should get one. They can alert you to important visual changes, and also provide an early warning light for a number of medical conditions.

Keep a spare (pair of glasses) in the car

You would not set off on a car journey without a spare tyre, so why would you set off without making sure you have a spare pair of glasses in the car, just in case you forget your regular pair.

Thanks to our great value ranges and 241 offers, you never need to be without your glasses.

If you wear contact lenses, it might be a good idea to keep a spare pair of those in the car too.

Although you definitely should not try and change them while you are driving. Pull over and keep yourself and other road users safe.

Don’t forget your wipers

If your windscreen is dirty, you will not be able to see much. The same applies to your glasses. Make sure you keep something to keep them clean with you at all times.

Watch out for low sun

At this time of year, low sun is a lot more common and a pair of prescription sunglasses could really help you out here. 

A word from the store director

Maggie Johnson, store director in Burgess Hill, said: ‘By following our top tips, you will be making the roads safer for you and your fellow drivers, and for pedestrians.

‘We are open seven days a week, so there really is no excuse for not dropping in to see us this winter.’

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