James Goldenberg, optometrist director at Specsavers in Russell Square often hears a familiar tale with customers: 'I've been meaning to get my eyes tested for sometime but have been very busy.'

Don't let busy lifestyles get in the way

James, along with his team, understands this but he is keen to stress their importance.

He says: 'Unfortunately, I do hear about cases from my fellow colleagues about serious conditions being picked up during a sight test and a speedy diagnosis can, in rare cases, save a life. They really need to be on the to do list and happen every 2 years.'

Why are they so important?

James explains: 'A sight test will check for changes in your vision but also any changes in your eye health. When we conduct a test, we are also looking at the health of the blood vessels and subtle changes that can indicate wider health issues.

'This include high blood pressure, indicators of diabetes and preventable sight loss conditions like glaucoma. In rarer cases, a sight test has led on to a customer being referred to A&E because of pressure that leads us to suspect fluid on the brain or worse, a brain tumour. When you come regularly, we are able to track changes in your vision or spot any wider health concerns.'

If it's sometime since you last had an appointment, you will be pleased to know that the store has an online booking system. 

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