One of the Broughton team personally set out to help improve the eye health of children living in rural parts of Zambia, in a once in a lifetime trip providing professional care.

Abby Peters, an optometrist at the Broughton store, travelled to the African country with three other optical professionals on a Vision Aid Overseas outreach trip earlier this year, providing eye care to local people who usually wouldn’t have access to quality eye health facilities.

The team travelled across the country for 16 days, setting up makeshift eye care clinics, allowing people from this underprivileged part of Africa to visit Abby, who would perform eye tests and help provide glasses for anyone who needed them.

In serious cases, Abby and the crew could also provide referrals if needed, directing them to the nearest hospital following a consultation.

A once in a lifetime trip

Speaking about her experiences overseas, Abby said: ‘It was such an incredible experience. We would reach a village to set up a makeshift clinic and people would travel far and wide just to see us.'

‘Some areas of Zambia have little to no access to any kind of eye health care at all as the nearest hospital could be miles away. I feel very passionate about the work that Vision Aid Overseas does, so to be able to personally provide services to people who needed it in a poorer part of the world was a very rewarding experience.’

Prior heading to Zambia to help those in need, Abby also raised over £1,700 for Vision Aid Overseas through a variety of fundraising activities, including abseiling down Northampton’s 400ft national lift tower in January.

She added: ‘I’d like to extend my thanks to all my friends, family, colleagues and also anyone who help donate towards the money raised. Without them, none of this would have been possible.’

Proud achievements

Scott Rogers, director at Specsavers at Broughton Shopping Park said: ‘We are all so proud of Abby. She is an extremely valued member of our Specsavers team and has come on such an incredible journey over the past few months.

‘The work she has done to help others is simply remarkable and she is truly an inspiration to us all!’

Vision Aid Overseas helps some of the poorest people in the world to see properly by giving them access to affordable glasses and eye care.

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