As we move into April and the skiing season draws to a close, Specsavers in Brixton are offering expert advice for customers that will be enjoying the slopes this month.

Take your time, and try on as many goggles as you can

If you're buying clear lenses for night skiing or riding, test them in a dark room with one light bulb on. You want to make sure they'll be distortion- and glare-free when you look at lights along the trail or the half-pipe.

Don't make a snap decision, because the wrong equipment can ruin your day or evening in the snow. And those lift tickets are expensive!

Protect your eyes from glare

Polarized lenses reduce glare from sunlight reflecting off the slopes and are great when it's bright out. But they may not be ideal near the end of the day when long shadows appear in the snow, because they usually are made with a darker tint than most sun lenses.

Insist on ultraviolet light protection

UVA and UVB are the most important rays to guard against. Too much exposure to UV on a short-term basis can give you a painful sunburn on your eyes, called photokeratitis.

Long-term, UV rays can damage your eyes permanently and may lead to cataracts and other eye diseases. Look for goggles and sunglasses that block 100% of these rays, which bounce off the snow and into your eyes even on cloudy days.

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