Specsavers in Brixton are raising awareness of glaucoma by releasing images of what store director, Brian Simpson, may look like to people who suffer with the condition.

Hindering sight

The image, which can be seen above, shows how an individual’s peripheral vision can be significantly blurred and hazy if the condition goes untreated – providing a massive hindrance to normal eye sight.

Potential implications

Specsavers Brixton store director, Brian Simpson, said: ‘Obviously the imagery is not completely definitive but we hope it goes some way towards showing people the potential implications of severe glaucoma and encourages them to come in for an eye test.

‘If glaucoma goes untreated for a long enough then this blurring will become permanent and will have a long-lasting impact on a person’s ability to see properly. If customers stick to their recommended two-year check-ups, we will be able to ensure that the damage done by a potential glaucoma diagnosis is minimised.’

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