A local man has urged others to have regular eye tests after a visit to Specsavers Brighton identified a sight-threatening condition.

Andrew Jackson, who is 57 and lives in Brighton, visited the North Street store for an eye test after waking up to find that the vision in his left eye was blurry.

Urgent referral

While seeing optometrist Lucy Neil, he found out that he had a detached retina which could have led to him losing the sight in his left eye. Lucy made an urgent referral to Sussex Eye Hospital.

A detached retina happens when the retina, a thin layer at the back of your eye, becomes loose. It needs rapid treatment. This involves surgery, which will normally stop any further loss of vision.

A word from Andrew

Andrew said: ‘When Lucy told me that I had a detached retina I was really shocked. I thought that only boxers got those during their matches. She told me that it could happen to anyone, but was rare, and that I needed to go to the eye hospital right away.

‘The surgeon there told me that if I had not received treatment, I would have lost the sight in that eye. He asked me whether I’d had regular eye tests and I was forced to admit that I hadn’t. But I certainly will be from now on.’

A word from the ophthalmic director

Mike Horler, ophthalmic director in Brighton, said: ‘A detached retina is relatively rare, but can have serious consequences for your sight. That is why regular eye tests really matter, as potential eye health concerns can sometimes be identified at a much earlier stage – and can be treated or managed sooner.

‘We want to urge everyone to get an eye test if they haven’t for a while. While complications, like a detached retina, are rare, early detection really makes a difference.’

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