Store director, Chris Newall, is asking locals in Bridport to bring their old frames in store to help a charitable cause.

Old frames raise money for Vision Aid Overseas

Chris said: 'For many years, Bridport alongside all the other stores in the UK, have collected old and unwanted frames for this great charity. Vision Aid Overseas helps those in isolated and remote communities in Africa benefit from eye health services. 

'Money raised from recycled parts of old frames goes towards building vision centres and training professionals. Preventable, sight loss conditions like glaucoma can be detected earlier with these provisions in place.  We are delighted to play our small part in supporting their ongoing work.'

How to help

Old, broken, out of fashion or unwanted frames will do. It doesn't matter what state they are in because it is the parts as opposed to the overall frame that are recycled and brings in the funds for the charity. 

Chris adds: 'We want to say a big thank you to everyone who has supported this cause over the year. We feel that there are probably many people out there who remember unaware though, hence our call out to ask for your ongoing donations.'

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