The team at Specsavers in Bridport were delighted to welcome the town mayor into the store recently as part of National Eye Health Week (18-24 September). 

Discussing why eye health is so important
The visit co-incided with an important awareness drive by Specsavers to put regular sight tests to the top of people's agenda. 

A report developed with RNIB (Royal National Institute for the Blind) shows that people put their boiler health ahead of their eyes - a pretty terrifying statistic!

Alarmed by the findings
Chris Newall, store director, was surprised by the results, especially when half of sight loss conditions are preventable if detected early. 

He said: 'People know to go to the dentist every six months but the message is still not getting through that eye examinations are recommended every two years. Not only do we check vision, but wider health issues that can be picked up during the test.'

Mayor's views
Councillor Anne Rickard, Bridport Town Mayor said: 'It was a pleasure to visit the Specsavers team to help highlight the importance of eye health. We often take our eyesight for granted, but looking after our eyes is so important as changes to our vision can be gradual, and someone may only notice a problem once serious damage has already been done.

'It was a privilege to see behind the scenes too - I hadn't realised they were able to do so much 'in-house', even in a relatively small store.

'This visit has certainly 'opened my eyes' and I want to encourage everyone to avail themselves of the expertise we are fortunate to have available to us locally.'

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