Braintree resident Jackie Fossey owes her gratitude to an optician who spotted signs she had suffered a minor stroke, during an eye examination.


In February, Mrs Fossey, visited Specsavers, located at 70 High Street, after her doctor referred her to hospital for a scan to determine the causes of her recent bout headaches and intermittent flashing lights. Following her appointment, Mrs Fossey was told that there was no real cause for concern and she should go back to her doctor if her symptoms persisted.

Severe health issue

Unsatisfied with her diagnosis, Mrs Fossey booked an eye test at Specsavers and saw optometrist and store director, Miraj Patel. During the examination, Miraj noticed some abnormalities with Mrs Fossey’s eye, which indicated a severe health issue and immediately contacted Broomfield Eye Hospital for a referral appointment. The next day, Mrs Fossey went to hospital and had a CCT scan which revealed she had suffered a stroke.

Eye examinations

Specsavers store director in Braintree, Mike Bromidge, commented: ‘Eye examinations are so important, not just in determining vision-related issues, but also picking up other potential health problems. We can identify tiny clots of cholesterol moving through blood vessels in the eye’s retina, which can indicate the person has had a stroke.

'Jackie's condition highlights the importance of sight tests in not only measuring your sight but also detecting general health issues. We are thrilled that Jackie is on the road to recovery and we wish her all the best for the future.'

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