Braintree Specsavers is educating its residents on the benefits of digital retinal photography, which can be used to detect the early signs of a number of health conditions.


The photography, which is carried out by a fundus camera in store, enables Specsavers opticians to take a detailed picture of the back of the eye. This process helps the optician to closely monitor an individual’s eye health and overall well-being. The picture exposes any possible symptoms relating to a range of health conditions including diabetes, high blood pressure, high cholesterol, risk of a stroke and symptoms associated with brain tumours.

Life saver

Specsavers Braintree store director, Mike Bromidge said: ‘The fundus camera is a really important piece of equipment and can be a potential life saver when examining the eye health of an individual.'

Early detection

‘Diseases like diabetes can easily go unnoticed, but with our fundus camera, we can detect it and encourage our patients to get treatment for it sooner rather than later.

Fundus camera checks are free of charge and available to people who are over the age of 40 and have been offered the check as a result of an eye test.

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