A grateful customer from Bourne Specsavers has thanked his optician who discovered a sight-threatening condition during a routine eye test.

During his visit to Specsavers, Terry Whitehead told his optician, Mr Hussain, that he had been experiencing small specks – or ‘floaters’ – in his vision. After carrying out further checks, Mr Hussain referred his customer to a specialist at Peterborough City Hospital where a detached retina was diagnosed.

‘In this case it was important that Terry was referred urgently in order to save his sight and we’re pleased to hear that Terry is now making a full recovery after his surgery,’ said Mr Hussain.

‘For many eye conditions, symptoms can be difficult to spot, making those regular visits even more important. I feel it’s vitally important for everyone to visit their opticians at least once every two years in order to maintain good eye health,’ continued Mr Hussain.

Terry’s case highlights the importance of regular eye examinations, which are recommended every two years for people of all ages, as part of a regular health check.

‘They explained that it was a detached retina and that the worst case scenario was losing all sight from that eye,’ said 58-year-old Terry. ‘Fortunately, my condition was found early on and if people experience any changes in their vision, I’d urge them to get it checked straight away.’

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Image courtesy of Rutland & Stamford Mercury