With the new year well and truly underway, store directors at Boscombe wanted to thank customers for their ongoing support and remind the community of the great services they have on offer.

Put eye health top of agenda this year

Optical director Amit Kamboh has one key message to share: if you haven't had a sight test for a few years, get one booked. 

Amit says: 'Yes, we will check your vision but it's much more than that. We can detect wider health issues such as high blood pressure to diabetes and in very rare cases, serious conditions such as a brain tumour. 

'While we do not want to scare anybody, it's imperative that eyes are checked for any changes as early detection can help with serious eye health issues such as glaucoma that can cause blindness. A simple 30 minute 'eye MOT' is a good idea for everyone, so make it your New Year resolution to book these in every two years.'

Get a new look

We all get in a style rut, be it our wardrobe to our make up to our hairstyle. 

Andreas Booth, retail director says: 'A new pair of frames can give you a new lease of life and a completely fresh and updated look. We stock 1000s of frames in different colours, shapes, sizes and styles. 

'Those who feel bold might want to try our new Parisian brand by Balmain as the styles offer a very contemporary, ontrend look. Or maybe you want a rimless, lighter frame for comfort. Whatever your need, we are here to help and our optical assistants have a great eye for challenging you to try something a little bit different.'

What about contact lenses?

Maybe the New Year marks a time for change, and switching to contact lenses? 

Amit says: 'Our contact lens advisors are onhand to give you excellent advice and talk through the various options to suit your lifestyle and your budget. We also offer a free trial, so pop in to learn more.'

Here for the kids too

Amit adds: 'We recommend children aged three upwards have a sight tests every two years. Gone are the days of dull frames for kids - we have some fantastic ranges that promise a pop of colour, oodles of personality and brand names like Minions and My Little Pony that will appeal to our little VIPs. 

'During their sight test, we make it fun and parents can come into the testing room to assure their child that there is nothing to be worried about. Pretty much every child that sits in my testing chair finds the whole experience quite fascinating!'

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