The team at Boscombe were delighted to welcome RNIB ambassadors, Head Office personnel and The Mayor and Mayoress of Bournemouth to their town this month.

The reason for the invitation was to support an eye health drive during a diabetes awareness week and to view an interactive eye pod that enabled locals to view the world through the lens of someone living life with a sight loss condition.

Eye Pod lands in Boscombe
The whizzy piece of technology that facilitated this experience was housed in an Eye Pod.  Customers were invited to step inside and pick one of the four preventable sight loss conditions;  age-related macular degeneration, cataract, glaucoma and diabetes.  After seeing what sight could look like with one of these conditions, information was available through a series of videos for customers to watch.

Preventable sight loss conditions - creating awareness
The objective of the event was to educate residents of Boscombe that some sight loss conditions are indeed, preventable with early detection.  Andreas Booth, director at the Boscombe Specsavers store said:  'This is why we promote the importance of two-year eye checks. Yes, we are looking at changes in your prescription and vision issues but also, the overall health of the eye.  By having regular checks, we can monitor subtle changes and catch preventable sight loss conditions early on - thus, helping you manage the condition and protect your vision.'

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