Meet Specsavers Borehamwood’s new optometry director, Ahthesamul, on what inspired him to take up a career in optometry, the parts he enjoys most about his job, and what occupies him when he’s not testing the eyes of the Borehamwood locals.

Optometry in his sight from a young age

‘My introduction to optometry started from the age of 11 when I went to have my first sight test’, says Ahthesamul.

‘It was actually at my local Specsavers. I was fascinated with the whole process and all the tests being carried out and went away with my first pair of glasses.’

Ahthesamul was so inspired, that years later, he enrolled in an optometry degree at City University, and the rest is history. It’s been eight years since he’s qualified as an optometrist, and many years working for Specsavers – Ahthesamul previously worked out of the Bromley Specsavers store before joining Borehamwood.

On what drives him

Ahthesamul is passionate about his customer’s eye health, and takes a particular interest in glaucoma, as he has a personal connection with it, having a family history on his mother’s side.

He is optimistic about the future of the optometry practice being able to carry out referrals for customers for diseases such as glaucoma and cataracts.

Ahthesamul is excited to have joined Borehamwood and says the greatest aspect of his team is the wide spectrum of experience they have collectively.

‘While Specsavers is seen as a large company, I think the small, close knit team we have at Borehamwood bring a very personalised service for our patients’, he says.

Outside of work

When not seeing to his customers, Ahthesamul has his hands full with his 8 month old baby girl (his first), and keeps fit playing football and boxing regularly, being an avid fan of both sports.

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