Specsavers in Bognor Regis are keen to shift common myths about contact lenses and have highlighted why people shouldn’t be afraid to try them. 

Specsavers Bognor Regis store director, Jonathan West says: ‘We’re offering people a step-by-step guide to help people feel more confident with their new contacts. 

‘Often, people think they’re too difficult to use, but we want to show people that they can be a simple and comfortable alternative to specs.’

Jonathan has picked out the most widely believed myths to offer people the real picture when it comes to using contact lenses.

Myth 1 – “They’re too complex to use”

Store staff are giving people the chance to try out contact lenses with a full test run so that they can be confident with them.

Myth 2 – “I can’t wear them because I’m too young/old”

Regardless of age, contact lenses can be worn by anyone and are particularly helpful for children playing sport.

Myth 3 – “They don’t feel comfortable”

Specsavers have ensured that their contact lenses are the perfect fit for people and are made of high quality, high-tech materials.

Myth 4 – “They’re time consuming to use”

With daily disposable lenses, they only need to be worn once and then thrown away, eliminating the need for cleaning.

To take the plunge with contact lenses, visit Specsavers in Bognor Regis to see what options are on offer.

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