With children across the UK starting or returning to school, Specsavers in Bognor Regis would like to remind parents of the importance of getting eyes tested from an early age.

Detecting problems early

Good vision is essential to a child’s development as so much of what they learn is taken in through their eyes. Learning difficulties can sometimes be caused by uncorrected vision problems, so the earlier they can be detected, the better the chance of correcting them.

Specsavers Bognor Regis store director, Jonathan West says: ‘At Specsavers in Bognor Regis, we recommend that children have their first eye test at around three years old. They do not have to be able to read – the optometrist has lots of other fun ways to test youngsters’ sight.'

Offering a large range

If children do need glasses, Specsavers in Bognor Regis offers a big choice of glasses, including a new Disney range. At Specsavers all under-16s get a free NHS eye test.

All glasses in Specsavers’ kids’ £64 and teens’ £85 ranges are free with under-16s’ NHS funding. Specs wearers can also choose a second pair from the £64 or £85 range, free.

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