The team at Specsavers Bodmin wore their finest hats to raise funds for Brain Tumour Research.

A warm welcome for Wendi

Bodmin store directors, Jo McLean and Carl Grobler, welcomed back Wendi Bristow who has now recovered following the detection of a brain tumour during an eye test in 2015 at Bodmin Specsavers.

The importance of an eye test

Jo said: ‘We referred Wendi at the time via her GP to a neuro-ophthalmologist for further investigation following her eye test. As it turned out her optometrists' suspicions were correct and in January 2016 Wendi was diagnosed with a brain tumour following an MRI scan.

'Wendi is a testament to the fact that eye tests are not only critical for your eyes but your wider health too.'

Fundraising for research

Bodmin Specsavers joined stores nationwide to officially sponsor the charity for the first time this year to help raise awareness that routine eye tests can detect signs of brain tumours. Funds raised by Brain Tumour Research are used to build a network of experts in world-class, sustainable brain tumour research in Centres of Excellence across the UK.

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