Keen footballer, Nathaniel Vine, aged 10, from Bodmin was struggling with his glasses and facing an end to his sporting career before it had really begun until Specsavers Bodmin stepped in with a generous donation.

Exclusively for Daniel

Already sponsors of the under 12s Bodmin Town football team, the Bodmin opticians wanted to help the aspiring player. He was not able to wear his glasses on the pitch and so a special pair of sports goggles were made free of charge to his prescription. They even had the goggles engraved at the temples with his initials.

A word from the store director

Jo McLean, Specsavers Bodmin store director, said: ‘In this modern day there is no reason why you should stop doing something you love because you wear glasses. Many people will opt for contact lenses but this was not an option for Nathaniel.

‘We were delighted to step in and make a pair of specialist sports goggles exclusively for him.’

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