Specsavers Bodmin has donated a mountain of glasses to charity thanks to the kindness of the local community.

Overwhelming generosity

Over the last few months, Bodmin Specsavers has been overwhelmed with the number of people who have come in store to recycle their old and unwanted specs to help fund eyecare for those less fortunate in other countries.

The initiative set up by Vision Aid Overseas recycles used glasses for their precious metal content and the income generated is used to support programmes overseas, including but not limted to the following: 

  • Build Vision Centres - where patients can receive a free eye test and be prescribed with affordable new glasses.
  • Train local eyecare workers - so that there are skilled professionals in the countries VAO work in.
  • Deliver eyecare services to remote and isolated communities - so that VAO can reach the poorest and most vulnerable people.

Never take a pair of glasses for granted

Jo McLean, Store director of Specsavers Bodmin said: ‘We’re very grateful to everyone who has helped us provide VAO with the material they need to help people in other countries.

‘We often take for granted the affordable services available to us the UK. In many countries around the world eyecare is too expensive or just not available meaning that young and old can be affected and are left unable to work, read a book, go to school or even be able to see their children, parents or grandchildren clearly.

‘We want to do whatever we can to help the cause so if you have any unwanted glasses lying around please drop them in store.’

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