A routine eye examination helped spot a serious medical condition for a Bloxwich resident.

Beryl Perham (75) was in Bloxwich with her husband and decided, on the off chance, to see if the Specsavers store on the High Street had any free appointments, as they were both due an eye examination.

‘I hadn’t been having any problems with my eyes, or my health generally, and honestly thought it was my husband whose vision might be cause for concern,’ commented Mrs Perham. ‘So when the optometrist said all was not quite right with my right eye, I was really shocked.’

During the eye examination, store director and optometrist Jagroop Uppal, noticed something unusual on the back of Mrs Perham’s right eye. Recognising that this could be an indication of a bleed, he referred Mrs Perham to see her GP as soon as possible.  


At the surgery the doctor took Mrs Perham’s blood pressure, which was extremely high – and so prescribed medication for her to take, as well as referring her to a specialist at the hospital.  Further tests at the hospital confirmed that Mrs Perham was suffering with a condition called hypertensive retinopathy – where high blood pressure causes damage to the retina (at the back of the eye).

Fortunately, as the issue had been spotted early, Mrs Perham has been able to keep the condition under control through the use of medication, and lifestyle / diet changes.

Mrs Perham added; ‘I just wanted to say thank you to Specsavers for helping to pick up on this health issue – without the eye test, this could have gone unnoticed putting me at risk of a stroke or heart attack.  It doesn’t bear thinking about.’

‘Stories like Mrs Perham’s show how important it is to ensure you visit your optician regularly,’ says Mr Uppal.  ‘As well as checking your vison an eye examination can also pick up on a range of medical conditions and so really is a vital health check.  We advise customers to visit us at least every two years, unless of course they are experiencing any problems in which case they should come in sooner.’

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