Blandford Forum's store director, Tim Bennett, is delighted to pledge funding for a great local charity - Teddy20 Supporting Children with Cancer.  The donation will go towards a festival called Teddy Rocks that takes place at Charisworth Farm over the weekend of 4th May, 2018.

An introduction to the charity
The local charity founded by Kim and Owen Newton provides emotional and financial support to children and young people suffering from and undergoing treatment for cancer.

Called Teddy20, it was set up in loving memory of their son, Ted Newton (1999 – 2010) who was diagnosed with a very rare form of bone cancer, Ewings Sarcoma, in 2008. Both Owen and Kim wanted to give something back to the organisations that had helped Ted and the family during this very difficult period.

Teddy Rocks Festival 
Since the charity started, it has held many fundraising initiatives.   This commenced with a small gig in 2011 - put on by Ted's brother, Tom - to raise money for Teddy20.  Tom's friends and family held the first gig in the restaurant of The Greyhound pub in Blandford and raised £400. This was used to fund the very first Teddy Rocks event at The Corn Exchange in 2012, which raised £2,500.

By 2013, Teddy Rocks had grown in size and in 2017, the Teddy Rocks Festival was held at a site large enough to facilitate car parking and camping alongside 4 stages.  It raised an immense £76,000.

Supporting Teddy Rocks in 2018
The festival has now found its home at Charisworth Farm and is back again for the 8th year runnin.  The hope is to raise even more money than 2017, to help fight children’s cancer.  The weekend kicks off on Friday the 4th May.  Headliners include Ash and Feeder and tickets are now available here

Delighted to play their part
Tim at Specsavers in Blandford Forum became aware of the charity when the store launched in the town last year.  Tim says: 'It's incredible what the family has achieved in a relatively short period of time and their commitment to make Teddy Rocks Festival a great success is very humbling to see. 

We really wanted to play our small part in making this their best year yet so have pledged funding that will go towards the operational elements of the festival.  Customers can make an impact by purchasing tickets.  I'm sure the event is going to be a great success.'

For more information about the charity visit the Teddy20 website

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