Blackburn store director Stuart Ingleby, aged 51, has been a staple of the Specsavers team for 26 years since he opened the town’s Lord Street Mall store back in 1988.

Having launched one of the very first Specsavers stores in the North West, Stuart says he was attracted by a real challenge in Blackburn and still takes the same enjoyment out of the store director role now as he did back then.

Team development is key

He says: ‘The best part of my role is developing colleagues and team members.

‘Between the two Blackburn stores we have about 75 different individuals but not all are full time.

‘My job role is very multi-faceted. I do clinical work three days a week, and the other days I work in the office, behind the scenes with the managers and other members of my team.

‘There are always challenges with any business, if there are no challenges then you are not pushing yourself.’

Outside of work

Married, with three daughters ‘to embarrass’, Stuart enjoys reading, films and walks with his dog 'CJ'. A keen sportsman, Stuart also enjoys playing tennis and watching rugby and football, ‘but only if I know my team’s won’.

A spectacle wearer himself, Stuart’s frames of choice are the ‘large and colourful’ Osiris collection.

Raising awareness

Asked why it’s so important to get your eyes checked regularly, Stuart added: ‘You only get two eyes in your life, no spare sets, and any bad changes commonly are so slight that one could not notice them or even comment on them.

‘Our stores also offer hearcare and I would advise anyone over 40 to get a hearing test. You can either pop in and arrange a private hearing appointment or, for NHS hearing appointments, arrange a referral through your GP.’

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