It’s that time of year when parents are busy trying to kit their kids out for the start of the new school year – but what about including an eye test as part of the essential preparation?

Your child’s clarity of sight is vitally important, especially when 80% of what is taught in schools is presented visually. At Specsavers Bishopsgate, we know that healthy eyes can really help to boost academic performance and confidence – the keystone to a happy start to an exciting new school year.

Caring for young eyes?

Specsavers Bishopsgate store director, Rajesh Chandegra, said: ‘Any vision problems could affect a child’s learning. Pre-school testing for your son or daughter before full-time education commences allows any problems to be identified early, giving your child the best possible start to their schooling and helping them maximise their learning.’

So what can you do?

At Specsavers booking an eye test is simple and can be done online or over the phone. Rajesh also wanted to remind parents that: ‘eye tests can be daunting especially for the little ones – but our staff are specially trained to make it less scary and you will of course be able to stay with your child throughout the test so you can see everything that happens.’

So why not bring your child along to the Bishopsgate store while picking up your back to school essentials?

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