Contact lenses offer millions of people all over the world an easy solution to the problems posed by bad eyesight. In the past 10 years contact lenses have become more and more popular as increasing numbers of people choose the convenience and low-maintenance of contact lenses.

Why choose contact lenses?

Shane Canning, director of Specsavers stores in Birkenhead and Wallasey, says: ‘Contact lenses are the ideal solution for many people because they offer such freedom compared to wearing glasses. They are affordable, easy to wear and can make a big difference to people’s lifestyle, particularly those who play a lot of sport.

‘Teenagers, in particular, tend to benefit from contact lenses because of the confidence boost they give them. Image-conscious teens often want to swap their frames for contact lenses but often parents believe that children and teenagers can’t wear lenses. ‘In fact, anyone can wear contact lenses – the important thing is making sure that the wearer will be responsible enough to keep them clean. At Specsavers we give all new contact lens wearers a thorough review to make sure they are suitable.’ 

There is a wealth of different lenses available now, from daily disposables to monthly lenses.

Contact lenses give users freedom

Mr Canning adds: ‘Contact lenses are easy to wear, affordable and convenient. Having the freedom to see without wearing glasses can make a huge difference to your quality of life so I would urge anyone who is struggling with their spectacles to come into store for a free contact lens assessment.’

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