Now in its second year, the British Citizen Youth Award (BCyA), in association with Specsavers, seeks to highlight the many acts of bravery, kindness and compassion carried out by young people across the UK. 

Caine Wildman from Wednesbury was one of the children honoured for their incredible efforts at a formal presentation held at the Palace of Westminster.

Incredible stories

In February 2017, fourteen-year-old Caine returned home to find his dad Craig unresponsive and not breathing, with his two younger siblings also at home.

Caine was calm and placed his father in the recovery position, taking charge of his siblings and calling the ambulance. He continued to administer CPR and talk to the ambulance crew until they arrived at the house and took over. Craig was taken to hospital and diagnosed with double pneumonia in both lungs which had led him to have a full respiratory failure and cardiac arrest.

‘I’d had a cough and a cold over Christmas, but I didn’t think it was anything serious,’ recalls Craig. ‘I had a normal day, with a shift at work and then collected my children from school.

‘When I got home, I prepared dinner and sat down on the sofa to play a game on a tablet with the children, but I started coughing and the last thing I remember is the tablet falling through my hands as I passed out.’

Luckily for Craig, Caine’s school badminton club was cancelled that day so he arrived home early. He saw that his father had turned blue and his eyes were rolling back, and immediately dragged him off the sofa into the recovery position.

Caine has been a keen member of the school’s army cadets for the past two years. Through this, he learned basic first aid and CPR, without which, he would not have been able to perform the life-saving act.

‘I owe my life to him and I am hugely proud,’ says Craig. ‘He is very quiet and modest about it, and says it’s just what anyone would have done in the same situation. I went into his school after it had happened to thank them for teaching him these skills, and they weren’t even aware of what he had done!'

Worthy winner

Ajay Patel, store director of Specsavers Bilston said: ‘Caine’s story is truly inspiring and such an achievement to be recognised for his life-saving actions at such a young age.

‘Whether it be raising money for charity or helping those in need, we want to grow awareness of these achievements and inspire the next generation of children to make a similar positive impact on society.’

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