A Brackley resident is singing the praises of an optician at Specsavers Bicester after she was diagnosed with an ulcer on her cornea.

Having experienced extremely uncomfortable and bloodshot eyes on more than one occasion, 47-year-old Kate White made an appointment at the store.

She was seen by optometrist Sarah Marshall who noticed an ulcer on her left eye during the examination and immediately referred her to the John Radcliffe Hospital for further treatment.

Prompt action

‘My daughter used to refer to my bloodshot eyes as my “devil eyes” as the whites would go completely red,’ says Kate.

‘It got so bad that I wasn’t able to see, even with my glasses on, so I made an appointment at Specsavers in Bicester to get it checked out. Sarah was absolutely brilliant in acting really quickly and referring me to hospital where it was confirmed that I had an ulcer on my left eye and the lens on the right was pitted with infection.

‘I was given eyedrops and antibiotics to clear the infection in my right eye and steroid drops for the ulcer in my left. While I can now see a lot better than before, my vision has deteriorated a bit, so I had to go back to the store for a new prescription.

'I still use the drops as required but I’m just so grateful the problem was picked up and has been treated. I have some problems with my nervous system which means my eyes don’t produce tears and this contributed to the infection.’ 

Positive result

Sarah says: ‘I’m delighted to hear that Kate’s eyes have cleared up and the treatment was a success. Her case clearly illustrates the importance of making an appointment if you notice any changes in your vision. 

'If she had waited longer to get it checked, she risked further damage to her eyes. An eye examination, while an important vision check, can also help pick up a number of different conditions and a regular eye test appointment should be made every two years.’

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