After struggling with her hearing for a week, a customer who visited Specsavers Bicester was delighted when audiologist, Prina Karia went above and beyond to help.

Prina was extremely busy but was able to see the customer between booked appointments. On examination, it was clear that the problem was a build-up of wax which would need microsuction to resolve.

‘We’ve been experiencing really high demand over the last few months, particularly for ear wax removal,’ said Prina. ‘The hearing issues the customer was experiencing were causing some distress. She said she was feeling pretty miserable and hadn’t been sleeping so I asked her to return at the end of the day so that I could remove the wax.’

The procedure was a success and the customer was very grateful, commenting: ‘The issue was having a huge impact on my normal life. Prina put me at ease and gave me the amazing gift of being able to hear once more! Prina is such a lovely lady and I honestly can’t praise her enough. She is an absolute asset to Specsavers Bicester and I will certainly be going to her for all my future microsuctions. Thank you so much Prina!’

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