Specsavers Park Centre optometrist and store director Matthew McKenny has undertaken bespoke training in post-operative cataract management helping to further enhance the Park Centre store’s range of eye care services.

Training led by top eye consultant

Matthew was one of 70 Specsavers optometrists from stores locally who attended the training programme facilitated by leading Consultant Ophthalmic Surgeon Professor Jonathan Moore and his team at Cathedral Eye Clinic, Belfast.

Eyecare services

Matthew explained: ‘Cataracts are a very common condition, especially in older people. Initially stronger reading glasses and brighter reading lights can help but usually surgery is ultimately necessary. Post-operative care is very important and ongoing training helps us deliver the very best service to our patients.

‘We advise that an eye test should be carried out at least every two years. However, if a person experiences symptoms such as blurred, cloudy or misty vision this may indicate the development of cataracts. We recommend any changes to your vision which impair sight should be checked out immediately by an optometrist.’

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