Laura Gouldie is a Hear Care Assistant at Specsavers Connswater. Here she tells us a little about herself and her job.

A personal journey

Laura explains, ‘My journey into the hear care profession was encouraged by personal experience. I was born with perforated eardrums and as a child suffered recurrent ear infections which resulted in permanent hearing damage. As a result I have always had an interest in hearing issues. After some years working in retail I saw a job advertised for a receptionist in a new Specsavers store opening in Connswater. I soon became interested in what audiologist Sue Carter was doing and began to assist her with customers. It was so lovely to see the difference she could make to people’s lives helping them to hear better.’

Hear Care qualifications

‘In February 2016 I completed my Hear Care qualifications which involved a one year online course with Anglia Ruskin University, examinations and practical tests in Birmingham.’

Helping People

‘I really love my job helping people on a journey to better hearing. Some customers can be quite nervous coming in and I always talk through everything that is going to happen to reassure them that the process is straightforward and painless. It’s all about making absolutely sure that the level of hearing is accurately diagnosed so that the best options of hearing equipment are offered to each individual person.’

Free 3 minute screening

‘Many people are quite surprised when I say that I work in hear care in Specsavers. They are aware of the optical side of the business but don’t know so much about the extensive hearing services we provide, from pre-screening to after care. Hearing loss can be such a lonely experience and I would encourage anyone to call in to Specsavers Connswater for a free 3 minute screening either for reassurance or to see how their situation could be so much improved.’

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