Specsavers in Belfast’s Victoria Square is teaching people how to protect their eyesight against potential digital damage following recent data which shows the average person spends 8 hours 45 minutes a day on electronic devices.

The new data from Ofcom has revealed that 15 million internet users have taken a ‘digital detox’ in a bid to strike a better life/technology balance. Following warnings about the potentially harmful effects of over-exposure to digital technology, Specsavers is offering advice on how to limit the impact and protect your eyes.

Avoid eye strain

Sinead Donnelly, ophthalmic director at Specsavers Belfast Victoria Square said: ‘Over-exposure to a wide range of digital devices – particularly those that are used in close proximity to the face such as computer screens, tablets or smart phones - can have a number of damaging effects on the overall health of your eyes.'

‘Headaches, an inability to focus properly, sensitivity to light, very watery or very dry eyes and blurred vision are all common symptoms - and if left untreated , can develop into more serious long-term conditions. It doesn’t necessarily mean going cold turkey either as there are lots of small, simple changes you can make on a daily basis to give your eyes the break they need.’

Top tips

Rest your eyes regularly by (for example) looking away from your computer screen; take regular screen breaks; use adequate lighting when working on your computer or device; reduce the glare by attaching an anti-glare screen to your monitor or try an anti-glare coating on your glasses lenses; adjust your monitor settings; get your eyes tested regularly.

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