We were delighted to receive this glowing letter from a hearing aid customer. 

Dear Sir,

I wanted to write to you to praise the exceptional service I have received from your employee Parveen Hamill over the last few months.

My partner convinced me, despite my overwhelming reluctance, to go into your Clifton Down store to have my hearing checked where I was made very welcome and put at ease by Parveen.

Professionalism and cheerful friendliness

Parveen put both me and my partner at ease with her winning combination of expertise, professionalism and cheerful friendliness.

She carried out a very thorough set of tests, took the time to find out about my background, the reasons for my hearing loss and the special circumstances which the hearing aid would need to cope with.

I am a musician and Parveen was adept at understanding my needs and working out the best solution.

I was especially pleased that she did not push me towards the most expensive option but made me aware of the differences in functionality and also highlighted some other items I might like to consider such as a remote control and custom ear defenders without ever seeming pushy.

When the hearing aid arrived Parveen took time to make sure I was comfortable with it and fully understood the functionality and care guidelines and set up a couple of basic programs to get me started.

Hearing aid aftercare

Unfortunately I found that I had some difficulty inserting the hearing aid the next day at home and rang for some advice. I spoke to one of Parveen's colleagues who was very helpful. I very much appreciated her fitting me in at such short notice and when I was there her disarmingly cheerful demeanour made me feel much less foolish for my lack of ability! 5 minutes later I felt fully equipped to deal with the hearing aid on my own. 

Over a couple of visits she expertly developed a suite of pre-programmed hearing settings which cover almost all of the day-to-day situations I encounter.

She displayed great skill in listening to me describe the environments in which I find myself and built suitable settings for each. I also went back for a remote control which Parveen made sure I was happy with its operation.

I then returned to have a pair of custom ear defenders made. Parveen took the impressions of ears quickly and painlessly and, again, made me feel entirely at ease throughout the process.

I would be delighted to recommend Parveen to anyone with concerns about their hearing and would assure them that they could expect first class service delivered with friendly humour and expert professionalism.

Well done Parveen!

Kind regards, M Wainwright

Parveen Hamill works as a Specsavers hearing aid audiologist in and around Bristol. She runs free hearing tests out of both the Bedminster and Clifton Specsavers Hearing Centres.