Ear, ear - what's all this?  A larger-than-life ear took to the streets of Basingstoke recently to promote Specsavers hearcare services and it created quite a stir!

Remember we do hearcare too

Keen to remind customers that Specsavers cares for our hearing as well as our vision is store director, Mandeep Aujla.  That's why they invited the life-sized ear to Festival Place shopping centre to discuss its services with shoppers and hand out goody bags and information leaflets.

Says Mandeep...

'We have had a great response from shoppers at Festival Place who were surprised to know that we offer hearcare tests and an array of hearcare solutions. 

'As with our eyes, having a hearing test is important and the right solution can make such an impact on our quality of life.  We found that many people were interested on behalf of their ageing parents who are - possibly -a bit in denial that their hearing isn't quite what it used to be. 

'The good news is that hearcare solutions are so impressive these days and incredibly discreet.  If anyone has any questions and would like to make an appointment with our audiologist, we would be delighted to answer any questions.'

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