Glamorous granny Jean Watts has been selected as a regional finalist for the east of England in Specsavers search for Spectacle Wearer of the Year 2017.

A cause close to Jean's heart

The 63-year-old from Basildon was presented with a £150 voucher for brand new glasses and a bottle of champagne in store. She is now in the running to win the national Spectacle Wearer of the Year award and could take away the grand prize of £10,000.

The competition will help raise money for UK anti-bullying charity Kidscape, a cause close to Jean’s heart. She said: ‘The main reason I entered was because of Kidscape. When I first got my glasses, I was about 12 and I got bullied to the point where I didn’t wear them anymore and it started to affect my school work.

‘Additionally, I witnessed the detrimental impact of bullying when my children were at school. They were fortunate in having caring support and guidance, at home and school, to help them manage and overcome this, so rather than crushing their confidence they were able to find a way through it and develop resilience.

'Sadly, this is not the case for all children affected by bullying, which can leave scars that last a lifetime. Children need someone to talk to about what’s happening to them and how they’re feeling - Kidscape is such a worthy cause.’

‘Glamorous, bubbly and proud to be a glasses wearer’

The retired NHS HR manager, who shows her true sense of style by wearing a range of different glasses, said: ‘I have four pairs of specs and four pairs of sunglasses. I think of them in the same way I think of any accessory; I choose the pair that goes with what I’m wearing, how my hair is and, of course, how I’m feeling that day.

She continued: ‘I entered the competition because I wear Specsavers glasses, both prescription and sunglasses. The staff are always really helpful and I enjoy choosing them because there’s such a variety and because I love wearing my glasses.’

Retail director of Specsavers Basildon, Lee Hansford, said: ‘Jean is the perfect candidate for this award. She’s glamorous, bubbly, fun and she’s proud to be a glasses wearer. We’re so happy to have her representing the store and our town in the competition and wish her all the best for the next stage.’ 

When asked if she had any advice for other glasses wearers, Jean said: ‘If you have trouble with your vision, you end up missing out on life. Embrace your glasses and try to realise that it’s not about worrying about what other people think.'

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