A new hearing service has launched in Barrhead, offering locals free in-store hearing tests and advice on hearing protection and loss.

The hi-tech Specsavers Hearing Centre – based in the Specsavers store on the Main Street – will bring years of experience in taking care of the nation’s hearing to Barrhead. 

The Specsavers hearing centre is the second to launch in Renfrewshire, with the Paisley store already offering the service. 

As well as offering free in-store hearing tests by qualified audiologists, the Specsavers Hearing Centre professionals can tell customers everything they need to know about the incredible digital hearing aids available.

Designed and built by world-leading manufacturers, Specsavers’ digital aids feature the latest innovations in hearing assistance – they even know when the wearer is at home or in a favourite restaurant and adapt accordingly.

Gail Thompson, store director of both Specsavers in Barrhead and Paisley, said: ‘It’s incredibly exciting to expand our offering with this new hearing service in Barrhead.

‘Previously, we would refer any customers enquiring about a hearing test in Barrhead to the Paisley store, so it’s fantastic that we’re now able to offer this locally to our Barrhead customers.’

Ryan Forbes, Specsavers Hearing Centres director, said: ‘Specsavers Hearing Centres have been available across the majority of the UK for many years so we’re thrilled to offer our experience and innovative digital hearing aids to a wider audience.

‘I find my job very rewarding as a direct result of finding the best hearing aid to suit a person’s lifestyle and improve their quality of life.

‘We would welcome anyone to contact the Barrhead store for a free hearing assessment with our highly trained team or ask advice on hearing problems.’

To book a hearing test please call 0141 880 3910.

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