Resident optometrist Dimple Kumar has recently joined Specsavers Barnet as partner, and is relishing the challenge the new leadership role brings.

Most recently, Dimple has been shortlisted for the ‘Young Business Person of the Year’ award at the SME Hertfordshire Business Awards.

A word from the new director

28-year-old Dimple Kumar knew she wanted to be an optician and have her own store from the age of 16. Last November, she achieved this ambition. Dimple is now one of four store directors who own and run the store in Barnet.

Armed with a strong work ethic and plenty of ambition at an early age, Dimple’s journey to become a Specsavers store director started when she secured herself a Saturday job at Specsavers in Wembley while studying for her GCSEs. She believes learning her ‘trade’ early on, on the shop floor, gave her the passion and drive to achieve what she has before the age of 30.

Potential spotted by mentor in her teens

Her employer at the time and her mentor still today, spotted something special in Dimple. Rakesh Kapoor, director at the Wembley store and now one of her partners at Barnet said: ‘Dimple had what I have to coin “The It Factor” – the perfect combination of ambition, intelligence and determination while being likeable at the same time. 

‘There are some skills you cannot learn and have to possess to be a business owner and Dimple demonstrated these from a very early age. I could see her potential on day one and had an instinct she would go far.’

Dimple’s thoughts on making director

Dimple says: ‘I am really enjoying being a partner in Barnet. I was looking for a new challenge and the opportunities here have been fantastic. It’s definitely worth the commute from Wembley each morning!’

A word from the director

Pragna Raghwani, director, dispensing and contact lens optician at the store, said: ‘The team is delighted that Dimple has become our new partner in the store. Working together with the rest of the team we look forward to continuing to provide eye health care to the Barnet community.’

Good luck to Dimple in the SME Hertfordshire Business Awards ceremony.

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