The Barking store offered free eye examinations for a month to support World Cancer Day which was on Tuesday 4 February.

Specsavers, located at 45 East Street, offered the service for free to raise awareness about the different conditions which can be detected using optical equipment.

A word from the director 

Mohammed Rehami, ophthalmic director of Specsavers in Barking, said: ‘The equipment available at opticians is now very advanced and doesn’t just test people’s vision. We can now photograph the back of the eye using a digital retinal camera, which combines a specialist microscope and camera.

‘The pictures taken by digital retinal cameras can be used to detect signs of a range of eye conditions and inflammation disorders, as well as heart disease and brain tumours.

‘We offered free eye examinations to raise awareness of the importance sight tests can play in the early detection of serious conditions such as cancer.’

Digital retinal photography

The digital retinal camera enables customers to see the image, which helps them to gain a greater understanding of the test. It is then retained as a record, to help monitor any changes over a prolonged period.

Digital retinal photography is a free service is offered as part of an eye examination for customers aged over 40 or in cases where the optician or GP recommends it.

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