As you are reading this, do your eyes a favour. Blink. Maybe more than once.

When people are concentrating on reading something on a screen or smartphone, they blink far less than normal and that could lead to dryness. That is according to the experts at Specsavers Barking, in East Street.

Peace of mind

The good news is, blinking is easy. It only takes a second to rehydrate your eyes which will make you feel a lot more comfortable, whatever you are doing.

But for real peace of mind about your eye health, the best thing you can do is have a regular eye test.

Book a test today

Shivani Maharaj, ophthalmic director in Barking, said: ‘Regular eye tests are an essential part of keeping your eyes healthy. And while they take a little longer than blinking, they could help you see better and give you peace of mind about aspects of your general health.

‘So if it has been a while since your last test, why not book one online with us today.’

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