Mum to 16-month-old Heidi, Debbie Woods noticed a turn in her daughter’s eye getting much worse. Heidi had been referred to a hospital Orthoptic Clinic with an appointment set up for April. Naturally this had to be cancelled due to coronavirus.

Debbie contacted Specsavers via RemoteCare

A friend suggested Specsavers online RemoteCare service which offers video or phone consultations ahead of any necessary in store checks. Once Debbie, who lives in Markethill, had completed the online form she got a call the next morning from Wayne Watson, Banbridge Specsavers optometry director.

Permission from Health Board advisor

Wayne Watson explains, ‘As opticians we usually look after children from the age of three upwards, so I contacted our local health board advisor for guidance and was asked to liaise with the hospital’s Orthoptic Clinic. As the clinic did not have a routine services resumption date, they asked if I could see Heidi.

‘Although the clinic had asked me to complete Heidi’s test, I required further approval from the Health Board advisor. Authorisation was granted and when I refracted Heidi I found she was very long-sighted and I prescribed glasses.’

Heidi’s news glasses made all the difference

As Heidi’s mum Debbie explains solutions fell into place very quickly:

‘Within 10 days of my first phone call with Wayne, Heidi was proudly wearing her new glasses. The difference it has made to Heidi is like ‘night and day.’ Before wearing glasses Heidi was more introverted and less active, but now that she can see everything clearly she is playing happily with her toys and her bouncy castle, taking notice of everything that is around her and walking about the house holding onto us or to furniture.

‘And it’s all because she can see properly now with her glasses. I’ve also noticed that the turn in Heidi’s eye isn’t at all obvious when she has her glasses on.

Thanks to Wayne and Jeffrey

‘We will of course at some stage be able to go to the hospital’s Orthoptic Clinic, but meanwhile, we have a happy, confident and contented little girl and that really means the world to my partner Alastair and I. We’d like to thank Wayne and Jeffrey at Banbridge Specsavers. Heidi really loves her new glasses.’

Store open for wider care

Specsavers is now open for a wider range of services but customers unable to come to the store can still access care and support through Specsavers RemoteCare video and telephone consultation service, and Specsavers Ask The Expert Facebook group.’


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