Wayne Watson, optometrist and store director at Specsavers Banbridge has completed a bespoke post-operative cataract management training programme at Cathedral Eye Clinic in Belfast.

The training programme was led by Professor Jonathan Moore, well-respected in the field of cataract surgery both as a practising surgeon and as a researcher and trainer for surgeons and optometrists throughout the world. He is also Medical Director of Cathedral Eye Clinic.

Local access for post-operative care

Professor Moore said: ‘Cataract surgery is relatively simple and is virtually painless. Problems are rare but as with any surgery risks are carried. Post-operative care is very important for successful healing.

‘Given the local access patients have with their Specsavers stores it is very helpful that their optometrists have the skills and knowledge to support patients after their operation’ concluded Professor Moore.

Range of eyecare services at Specsavers

Wayne Watson was pleased to be part of the training programme alongside over 70 optometrists from 23 Specsavers businesses across Northern Ireland:

‘We provide a range of eyecare services to help maintain eye health. Cataracts are a common condition, particularly in older people. When surgery is required either through the NHS or privately in a clinic such as Cathedral Eye Clinic – post-operative care is so important and at we are continually updating our skills and knowledge to provide the very best service to our patients.’

Eye tests recommended every two years

Specsavers advise that an eye test should be carried out at least every two years. If symptoms such as blurred, cloudy or misty vision occur it may indicate the development of cataracts. Any changes in vision which impair sight should be checked immediately.

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