Banbridge Specsavers has launched a partnership between Specsavers in Banbridge and the local Ladies Bowling Club. In addition to supporting the club with bowling green pitchside boards, Specsavers is providing hearcare advice and testing for members both at the club and at their Newry Street store.

Hearcare advice

Specsavers hearcare assistant Lindsay Whitten joined members at the Ladies Club ahead of one of their weekly Thursday match competition to give volunteers a three minute screening as well as advice on common hearing issues.

‘Hearing loss can affect every aspect of your life and impact on those family, friends and work colleagues closest to you. Often people who suffer say they feel isolated from the everyday world around them.’ explained Lindsay Whitten.

Looking out for signs of hearing loss

‘Hearing loss is surprisingly common and affects 1 in 6 adults in the UK. It happens gradually, so people don’t even realise their hearing is getting worse. Hearing loss can be a normal part of ageing or it can be caused by experiencing too much noise over too long a time.' 

‘Tell-tale signs include turning up the family TV or radio volume to extra loud, finding telephone conversations challenging at work, constantly asking people to repeat things or misunderstand what they say or having difficulty following a group conversation with friends especially when there is background noise.'

Hearing tests

‘If you are experiencing any similar situations and think you may have a hearing problem, a three minute screening check is available. If that shows up any issues we offer a full one hour hearing test with our audiologist and both are free.

'If patients do need hearing aids we can provide a range of the latest high-tech aids from world-leading manufacturers as well as aftercare for as long as patients need it.’

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