Maeve Doyle has been working in Specsavers since 2012, first as a student and now as a fully qualified optometrist. Here she tells us a little bit about herself.

Optometry at Ulster University

Maeve explains: ‘I studied science subjects at Ballymena Academy but didn’t really know what I wanted to do after school. Following some work experience in a local opticians, my mind was easily made up and I enrolled at Ulster University in Coleraine to study optometry.

Pre-reg year in Ballymena

‘Throughout my degree course I was lucky enough to get student summer and weekend work with Specsavers in Ballymena. This experience gave me a great start to my career as I then progressed to complete my pre-reg year after graduation in the same store. Now fully qualified I’m very happy to have a full-time job here and feel very much at home.

On the alert for eye health problems

‘I really enjoy meeting all our different patients especially the elderly and get great satisfaction from meeting their individual needs. As part of our routine examinations we have to be constantly on the alert for signs of eye health problems.

'Whilst we don’t diagnose health issues we can often spot when things aren’t quite as they should be. I have had two patients with signs of pituitary tumours which can potentially be very damaging to the eyesight. Thankfully neither were cancerous but it was still very important that the patients were properly checked out in hospital.

Always learning

‘In Specsavers continuing education is ongoing, keeping us up to date with new current research, new techniques and new types of equipment. Specsavers is a great company to work for in this regard as we are encouraged and enabled to pursue continuous professional development.’

Make an appointment

Maeve is one of six optometrists at the Ballymena Store. To book an appointment please phone 028 2564 8100.

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