Lisa O’Kane is a Hear Care Assistant at Specsavers Ballymena. Here she tells us a little about herself and her job.

My journey

Lisa explains: ‘I began my career as a nursing auxiliary in Antrim Hospital and have always enjoyed working with people in a caring role. When the hearing job came up in Specsavers I was particularly interested in it because I personally suffer from vertigo which means I know a lot about the workings of the inner ear.

'Also, both my parents wear hearing aids so I’m very aware of the benefits of good hearing care.’

Getting qualified

‘Having successfully been appointed by Specsavers I then began my journey towards getting fully qualified. Over a six-month period, I travelled to Glasgow to attend workshops and spent many hours studying online and completing online examinations.

'In July 2016, I did five practical exams in Birmingham and was delighted to graduate in Nottingham as a fully qualified Hear Care Assistant.

Helping people

‘I really love my job helping people on their journey to better hearing. It’s wonderful to see people’s faces when they experience the transformation that good hearing equipment can make.

Free 3 minute screening

‘Many people are quite surprised when I say that I work in hear care in Specsavers. They are aware of the optical side of the business but don’t know so much about the extensive hearing services we provide, from pre-screening to after care.

'Hearing loss can be such a lonely experience and I would encourage anyone to call in to Specsavers Ballymena for a free 3 minute screening either for reassurance or to see how their situation could be so much improved.’

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