Specsavers’ hearing service in Ayr has now expanded its offering to include earwax removal in addition to hearing checks and advice.

Those suffering from wax build-up can now visit the store to take advantage of the new service.

High-tech process

The process uses state-of-the-art micro suction equipment which gently removes wax from the ear and is an effective alternative to syringing. Video technology is also used to show before and after footage.

The procedure is carried out by the store’s clinical audiologist, Thomas Allison.

‘There are lots of people who may benefit from a wax removal session, in particular, those who suffer hearing loss, or who have hearing aids as they can cause the ear to produce more wax, he explained.

‘People who regularly wear headphones are also at risk of suffering wax build-up.

‘We use high-tech equipment to remove the wax and we’re even able to show you the difference it has made once complete.

‘I’d like to welcome anyone who feels they may benefit from the treatment to get in touch.’

The service is available to book at Specsavers Audiologists in Ayr with prices starting from £35 per ear.

Fantastic selection of hearing aids

As well as offering enhanced hearing services, the store’s hearing professionals can tell customers everything they need to know about the state-of-the-art digital hearing aids available.

Designed and built by world-leading manufacturers including Phonak, Siemens and Widex, Specsavers’ digital aids feature the latest innovations in hearing assistance – they even know when the wearer is at home or in a favourite restaurant and adapt accordingly.

The store’s extensive range of hearing aids start from £495.

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