With dry and sore eyes being a problem for many customers, Specsavers in Ashford is offering people advice on how to deal with the issue.

The term ‘dry eye’ is used when the oil content of the tears doesn’t efficiently lubricate the eye. People with dry eyes often have plenty of watery tears so adding eye drops may seem to not make sense but it’s actually a vital contribution to the oil content of the tears.

Catherine McVicker, store director at Specsavers in Ashford, says: ‘Eye drops are one of the best treatments for dry eyes. A simple and cheap one is hypermellose, but it contains preservative that you can be sensitive to and is watery and doesn't stay in the eye for very long.

‘The latest generation of 'artificial tears' are advanced formulas that tend to condition the cornea and stay in the eye for longer thereby giving more relief with little risk of sensitivity.’

Recommended brands include Systane Ultra, Hyabak, Ocusan, Lubristil, Hydromor, Clinitas and Blink - your optician is the best person to go to for recommendations.

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