Disadvantaged people in Ashford are benefiting from a successful partnership between Specsavers and a charity food bank.

Searching cupboards for food donations

The Ashford opticians have been collecting food for Ashford Food Bank over the Christmas period and are continuing to encourage the community to search their cupboards for donations.

Community responsibility

Store director, Catherine McVicker said: ‘We were shocked at how many people in the area rely on food donations to feed their family from week-to-week. Hunger is not just a problem in the developing world; as a community we have a responsibility to help those in desperate need living in and around Ashford.

Spare supplies

‘After Christmas there is always unwanted food in people’s cupboards, so instead of throwing it away, we’d like to encourage the community to bring any spare supplies in to the store to give to those in need.

‘We’re collecting all sorts, including cereal, coffee, tea, tinned goods, dried pasta and rice.’

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