Members of staff at Specsavers in Ashby hosted a hearcare awareness week to inform the local community about the importance of ear health.

Hearcare awareness week

The team from Specsavers on Market Street spent the week highlighting the hearing services available in store for customers and ran an extra hearing clinic. Staff also educated customers on hearing loss and how to spot early detection signs. 

As well as highlighting the importance of regular hearing tests, customers visiting the store were greeted by staff wearing ‘Hear Here’ t-shirts, cakes available to sample and balloons. 

‘Our hearing week was an opportunity for people to pop in and find out more about hearing loss and the steps they can take to ensure they continue to hear clearly,’ said Leon Wilson, store director.

Importance of hearing

Leon continued: ‘Most of us recognise the importance of regular sight tests as part of a full health check, but fewer people know how important a simple hearing check can be.

‘Hearing loss is a problem which affects most of us as we get older and despite the impact it can have day-to-day, it’s quite common for friends and family to pick up on any problems first of all.’

Hearing loss occurs naturally with age, often as a result of too much loud noise over time, and affects one in six people in the UK. If you’re not sure if you have a hearing problem, the specialist team at Specsavers in Ashby can carry out a free three-minute hearing check as a quick and easy way to find out.

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